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Introducing my new collaboration here at Force Wear, a project that brings the indomitable spirit of the SAS and service resilience to the forefront of each design. This apparel line is a powerful expression of our shared commitment to camaraderie and support within the veteran community. It allows you to boldly wear your values and identity, embodying the strength and unity that we, as veterans, stand for.
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Phil Campion SAS

A former D Squadron SAS Trooper, with a distinguished combat history in demanding theaters of operation, now brings his indomitable spirit to the airwaves as the lead presenter on Force Radio's entertaining breakfast show. His transition from elite soldier to veterans' advocate and motivational speaker is a journey of resilience. The qualities forged in service now inspire and uplift others, infusing his advocacy with laughter and camaraderie. His unyielding commitment to supporting his fellow veterans proves that courage and leadership continue to define his life's mission.

THE DEBRIEF | With Phil Campion SAS