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The Rules for Force Wear Brand Ambassador Activity

It is vital that the activity of our brand ambassadors fulfils all generally respected standards of laws, company values and personal ethics that we expect FW (Force Wear) Ambassadors to hold. Below we have put together 'The Ten Commandments' which is a collection of the most important rules for Ambassadors to follow. However, they do not replace the legal advertising regulation, nor the Code of Ethics of the WOMMA. 

1. FW Ambassadors help customers, give advice, raises awareness of the Force Wear brand, supports its reputation and motivates to purchase.

FW Ambassadors use all possibilities to answer any relevant questions of potential consumers. They make every effort to support the good reputation of our brand on the Internet towards the target group of potential or current customers. FW Ambassadors do not actively communicate with individuals younger than 16 years of age or individuals who could be less than 16 years of age.

2. FW Ambassadors always uses their true identity.

If possible FW Ambassadors use their full name in a profile related to any discussion. Any nickname used is a variation of the FW Ambassador’s real name. A FW Ambassador which works for multiple brands always uses the same identity.

3. FW Ambassadors publicly declare their affiliation with our brand and does not hide it in any discussion.

In personal profiles of websites, a FW Ambassador clearly declares their affiliation with our brand and what their task is (e.g. I am¬†a brand ambassador for Force Wear, I work for them while I am doing what I enjoy ‚Äď I am trying to help others get the maximum information and no leave no questions unanswered). The FW Ambassador is always obliged to inform customers which brand they work for on request or all situations where it is appropriate. Whenever possible, they use it for the benefit of the customer ‚Äď they can provide unique information, help customers dealing with the problem etc.

4. FW Ambassadors our not allowed to work for competing companies at the same time.

A FW Ambassador is not allowed to work for companies, or projects that compete with each other either directly or indirectly. In case of doubt, you should always consult our Lead Ambassador directly for clarity.

5. A FW Ambassador does their best to know our products and and about our company.

It's not rocket science, but we do design around different niches and nuances, so if you're unsure then please just check with our Lead Ambassador.

6. A FW Ambassador subjectively, Does Not compare our products or with those of our competitors; FW rivals are neither evaluated subjectively, nor criticised.

FW Ambassador’s posts are not allowed to attack other products, or brands to discredit these either directly, or indirectly. Also a FW Ambassador is not allowed to disparage the value of other company products, either directly or indirectly.

7. FW Ambassador always tells the truth.

If a FW Ambassador does not have information and thus is not able to help or advise, they will apologise and do their best to ensure, that the information will be sort and then transmitted to the person in the shortest possible time. 

8. A FW Ambassador works so that they have not and will never infringe the reputation of Force Wear, or that of our products.

A FW Ambassador, always aims to support the brand reputation of Force Wear. They do not add posts only to increase the number of mentions, or reactions without any use for the brand. 

9. A FW Ambassador follows the rules and terms of use of any social channel, group, forum or website they add posts to.

Each website that includes online discussions such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have their own rules, which are required to be followed. An FW Ambassador is always obliged to follow these instructions. 

10. A FW Ambassador must report any activity issues to the Lead Ambassador immediately.

An ambassador must be completely truthfully about any issues that have arisen, or that they have become aware of, so that the Lead Ambassador can assist in dealing with any situations that may arise. 


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