To Our Supporters

As you know we’ve remained committed to staying fully operational whilst maintaining a safe working environment for all our team. And as COVID-19 has spread rapidly in recent weeks, we have been touched by the positive spirit shown by our extended Force Wear family in supporting us, as well as each other through our online communities. For that we sincerely thank you!

Knowing the potential impact that this virus might have on our supply chains, resources, and people, we tactically prepped for battle (7P’s). We ensured that our inventory levels were sufficient, that machinery was fully operational, that headcount was strong, motivated and focused. Most importantly we made sure that our team always followed government guidelines on both sanitising and social distancing at all times.

Yet, as of 1300hrs yesterday, we had no option but to cease production promptly as access to our facility was being limited. Therefore, with immediate effect, we have had to shut our production facility for the next few weeks, or until government directives change.

This directive is of course totally understandable. As you know we pride ourselves on supporting our military and first responder brothers and sisters, all of whom are out there playing a key role in the fight against this virus. So, to support our government’s call for people to work from home, this is what our team is currently now doing.

However, in having to react quickly in shutting down our facility, we were unable to ship a small amount of remaining orders. And as you may have seen yesterday on our Facebook live, all of those outstanding orders were in ‘mid production’ and awaiting QC, when we were shut down.

See our live here

If you are one of those with an outstanding order, firstly we are truly sorry this has affected you, but please understand that we’ve invested both emotionally and financially in completing it, and respectfully ask that you refrain from chasing us, while we are forced to maintain a lockdown. We sincerely value your support, and to demonstrate this, we will be adding into your order an exclusive Force Wear T-Shirt designed as a thank you and as our way for turning this challenging situation into a ‘Win-Win’.

As a way to manage this current situation we have reduced stock levels on our website, so as not to cause a backlog when we return to manufacturing, which all being well, will be within a few weeks. We’ve also extended our returns policy from 30 days to 3 months, so not to cause any knock-on issues.

Looking forward as we must, we’ve got some really special products lined up for everyone when we are back to normal, as well as a new digital offering. So, once again, we thank you for your support and understanding and hope that you all stay safe during this difficult period.

With Respect, Strength & Honour,

Team Force Wear