What is Veteran.Coffee?

Veteran.Coffee is the UK's leading 'veteran owned and operated, in-house roasted and ground daily to-order' coffee company.

Why is our coffee the best?

We import the highest quality green coffee beans from all round the world and roast them in-house in small batches, making sure we get the best flavour out of every little awesome bean.

What grind should i buy?

Whole Beans are best, but not everyone has their own grinder, so just pick the grind type you need and we'll do it for you.


WHOLE BEAN: For the perfect Brew (or Wet), grind them yourself

EXPRESSO GRIND:  Ideal for Expresso Machine / Mocha Pot / Stove Top

AERO / FILTER GRIND: Ideal for Aero / Filter Machine / Filter Paper

FRENCH PRESS: Ideal for French Press / Cafetiere 

How long will my stored coffee stay fresh?

Our bags are all resealable, so as long as you keep your coffee bagged up, or stored in an alternative airtight / humidity free container, then your coffee will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks.