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We Are Veteran Owned,Operated,Made!

We are always looking for Key Influencers, Creative Freelancers and Brand Allies to join Team Force Wear…

So if you are a Social Media Guru, or an Admin with a Significant Military Following,
a Kickass Graphic Designer with Big Ideas and Hoofin attention to detail,
or you Represent an Awesome Brand with likeminded Values and Ethics...

then please hit the button

Our Back Story

'FORCE WEAR takes pride in creating T-Shirts and other Gear that is 'Fit For Purpose' as standard'

We are a Veteran Owned Company, born out of Respect and Honour for our British Armed Forces and all the veterans who have honorably served our United Kingdom.

Our two co-founders are both Military Veterans, one British Army and the other a Royal Marine Commando, between them Force Wear was created.

So whether you're a Supporter, Veteran or still serving in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, Regular or Reservist, we would be honoured for you to own Force Wear Gear.

We believe that, our brothers and sisters paid their dues when a hand was raised to swear The Oath of Allegiance to our Queen and Country.

This oath has no expiration date, our enlistment or commission may have ended, but our Oath has not! 

For we are the Uncommon Few that share the common bond of Duty and Honour for our Queen and Country!

'Our Gear is made by Veterans NOT machines!'